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Healthy Eating After Surgery

asparagus_salmonFollowing the Four Rules and adopting healthy eating habits as well as daily exercise is essential to your success with weight loss surgery. After surgery, you are not "on a diet." You will eat small portions of food at three meals per day focusing on protein first and avoiding snacks. By making healthy food choices, your weight loss will proceed rapidly and safely avoiding discomfort.

The immediate post-surgical diet and vitamin requirements are reviewed in detail at the Pre-Op Education Class. It is a gradual diet that reintroduces food over a number of weeks to assist with healing from the surgical procedure. It is essential to drink plenty of water!

Our program recognizes that our patients will return to their daily life within a few months after surgery and that it can be challenging to select the right types of foods and making it interesting to eat. Our Registered Dietician and our Bariatric Nurse Practitioners are here to help. They are specifically trained and deeply experienced in nutrition for weight loss surgery patients. Teaching you how to each as you transform your life is a major focus of your care in our office before and after surgery.


natural supplementsAfter bariatric surgery, people lose weight because they are eating less and (depending on the surgery) have malabsorption. These procedures are wonderful for weight loss, but create nutritional changes in dietary intake and absorption that can be a challenge. Many studies over the past 20 years have identified nutrient deficiencies that bariatric surgery patients are at higher risk of than the general population – in fact, research is still being done and there continues to be better science looking at these issues over longer periods of time. One thing is clear: vitamin supplementation is absolutely necessary for your overall health and, due to the nature of your new digestive system, you must use bariatric vitamins.

A "bariatric vitamin" is a medical grade vitamin that is formulated specifically to provide your body with the levels of nutrition that you will require after bariatric surgery. You can think of this a similar concept to prenatal vitamin that provides the amounts and types of nutrients that are needed for the support of a healthy pregnancy. A bariatric vitamin or vitamin system should help patients, at a minimum, to meet the guidelines established by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons (ASMBS).

Our program has researched various companies for formulation, quality and cost. Due to the lack of regulation of the vitamin and supplement market, many "off the shelf" products either do not contain good quality ingredients and/or they lack the amount of ingredients written on the label when independently tested. Furthermore, they are not specifically designed to be absorbed into your system sufficiently enough to give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. For these reasons, our program confidently recommends and offers our patients Bariatric Advantage vitamins and meal replacement options on our E-Store as well as our in office to help with convenience as well as ensure quality and effectiveness. We also carry a large inventory and samples of vitamins, calcium chews and meal replacements in our office.

You will need to take the following vitamins daily.

  • Multivitamin
    Chewable with mineral supplement that provides 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).
    Take 2 per mouth - All procedures.
  • Calcium Citrate
    1,500 mg -All procedures. Do not take w/multi or iron.
  • Biotin
    5,000 mcg per day -All procedures.
  • Iron
    29 mg Chewable -Ferrous Fumerate only — Bypass and Sleeve only.

You will need to take the following once per week.

Vitamin B12 -1000 mcg sublingual tablet - Bypass and Sleeve only.

An important part of your first year after surgery care in our office will be that our Bariatric Nurse Practitioner will monitor your labs regularly and may recommend a different vitamin regimen depending on your specific physical needs.

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