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Exercise provides the key to maintaining your body's conditioning, muscle mass and strength as the rapid weight loss begins following your surgery. When your body lacks enough energy, it must select something to burn for fuel. We want it to burn the extra fat, but it has a natural tendency to burn unused muscle first. If you are not using your muscles, your body will consume muscle mass to meet its energy needs since your surgery now limits your calorie intake. To prevent this from happening, your goal is to gradually increase the amount of time you can spend exercising until your endurance reaches 60 minutes daily. It is very important to exercise daily.It is best to progressively work up to the 30 to 60 minute goal (about 1.5 miles) by walking briskly and breathing hard. You should feel your heart beating forcefully. This is aerobic exercise and it is exactly what your body needs to maintain and improve your conditioning. Other forms of aerobic exercise, such as low-impact aerobics, cycling, swimming and exercise machines, are equally effective. If you miss your exercise, don't feel guilty, just do it tomorrow!


We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Southern Arizona YMCA.

The YMCA of Southern Arizona is dedicated to improving the quality of human life and to help all people realize their fullest potential through the development of Spirit, Mind and Body. Their vision is to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities.

Dr. Chiasson & Dr. Burpee's patients receive the following special monthly rates: 
$34 adult $58 family No joining fee

Pick up your pass from a Patient Advocate and bring it one of these locations.

Northwest: 7770 N. Shannon Rd. * Lohse: 60 W. Alameda 
Lighthouse: 2900 N. Columbus * Ott: 401 S. Prudence


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