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Medicare requirements vary widely for bariatric surgical procedures, depending upon whether you have a Medicare supplement plan or HMO, or whether you have straight Medicare. Last year, Medicare approved benefits for the Sleeve Gastrectomy, so patients can now select with their surgeon the procedure that best meets their individual needs. All Medicare patients are required to have a psychological and nutritional evaluation prior to clearance for surgery at the cost of $350 in our office. Medicare patients are required to attend a free Bariatric Seminar and to schedule an initial new patient consultation appointment in our office so that a bariatric patient coordinator can explain your pre-surgical requirements. For most medicare patients, the time from first consultation until surgery is scheduled is usually about three months.

Commercial Insurance

We are contracted with almost all commercial insurance plans, including Unitedhealthcare, Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Caremore, Humana, Meritain and Healthnet to name a few. The benefits for these plans vary widely and depend upon the individual patient's specific coverage. Not all plans have bariatric benefits. We encourage you to look at your plan benefits booklet and/or speak to customer service with your insurance plan. If you believe that you do have bariatric benefits, we encourage you attend a FREE Bariatric Seminar and then schedule a new patient consultation in our office so that one of our bariatric coordinators can explain your benefits and requirements for surgery.

Most commercial plans require a 3-6 month diet history and a psychiatric and nutrition evaluation. There may be other requirements as well depending on your individual coverage.  

AHCCCS - Arizona Medicaid Plans

Our practice is contracted with most of the AHCCCS plans but not all of them, including Arizona Family Care. We can also accept AHCCCS as a secondary coverage if you have a Medicare Replacement Plan and if we are contracted with the replacement plan. We are not contracted providers with Cenpatico or any of the Marketplace plans.

All AHCCCS plans require a psychiatric and nutrition evaluation and a diet history for 6 months. Plan requirements vary widely and the only way to know for certain what your benefits and requirements are is to call our office to see if we are contracted with your particular plan and, if we are, to attend a Free Bariatric Seminar and schedule an initial new patient consultation in our office so that one of our bariatric patient coordinators can help explain the specific details of your coverage and pre-surgical requirements.

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