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Bariatric Advantage Nutritional Supplements

We are pleased to be offering a variety of nutritional supplements and meal replacement products designed for the specific needs of surgical weight loss patients. The products are formulated to be easy to digest, to provide the most bioavailable nutrient forms, and to meet adult nutritional needs. We feel confident in the quality of the products most especially that they are manufactured to the standards of pharmaceutical drugs and exceed or meet the GMP guidelines.

Through our E-Store you can order multivitamins, chewable iron, calcium citrate, meal replacement powder, and other vitamins recommended by your surgeon for direct delivery to your home.

resolution health

Resolution Health Program

A comprehensive diet, fitness, behavioral and health program that includes 12 behavior modules customized to each patient after evaluation, a 52-week fitness plan, tailored to each patient's fitness readiness and ability, monthly coaching meetings with our Bariatric Nurse Practitioners, fun accessories including pedometer, water bottle, binder for all modules, spiral bound fitness tracker, and more...

Comprehensive Online Assessment, the first step, is followed by in-depth one-on-one appointment with one of our Bariatric Nurse Practitioners to discuss & create a focused plan based upon your assessment results. $150**

Follow Up Options: Individual, one-on-one coaching/counseling appointments with the Bariatric Nurse Practitioner to work on the behavior modules identified in the personal assessment. These appointments can be scheduled on a bi-weekly or monthly basis by the patient are are $50 per session**.

52 week Fitness Plan: This is an excellent program for patients that are not currently very physically active and would like some guidelines for becoming physically active according to each patient's physical abilities. It can be done in conjunction with the counseling program listed above. The 52 week fitness plan includes a 52 week tracker, water bottle, pedometer, and other "goodies".  $75**

If you are interested in participating in this program, call (520) 219-8690 and tell the schedulers that you would like to schedule an initial Comprehensive Assessment with a follow up appointment with the nurse practitioner. You will need to set up a Patient Portal account if you haven't already so that we have a secure way to communicate with you by email.

**If your insurance coverage includes bariatric office visits, we are happy to bill your insurance company for this program and the associated visits. However, if you do not have insurance to cover this program, the above prices will apply to you.

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